Gerussi e Sartoris

Leandro Gerussi and Carlo Mariano Sartoris are the designers of Mensole, the shelf in curved glass by FIAM.

Leandro Gerussi

Leandro Gerussi was from 1968 the director of the technical department in FIAT Auto S.p.A.. Only in 1979 he stared working in the furniture sector when he resigned from FIAT Auto S.p.A. and opened a shop of furniture “CARNABY proposte di architettura” in a residential area in Turin.

In 1982 he eared his degree in architecture at the Politecnico University in Turin and started dealing with design with his partner Carlo Sartoris.

From 1982 till 1986 Gerussi and Sortoris took part in the production of some products of the most prestigious company in the field of modern furniture and lightning such as: FIAM, Valenti, Italfrom

Ditras, Sotepp, Tarzia, Cordoba. They also develop prototypes for professionals and new companies.

In 1993 Gerussi closed CARNABY and kept on dealing with design and furniture.

Carlo Maria Sartoris

Carlo Maria Sartoris was born in Turin in 1954 and, at the age of 14, while studying, he started working in the field of typography. Fond of mechanics, he started learning how to use machine tools, which are then to be useful as a designer. He earned his degree with the top marks in 1981 and then he started working with some furniture shops in Turin.

In 1982 he started collaborating with Leandro Gerussi, dealing with setting and art projects for the industrial sector.

During his partnership with Gerussi in furniture and design, he also started dealing with sportswear for motorcyclists to increase safety of suits and helmets.

In 1986 after a spinal chord injury caused by a motorcycle accident, his designer activity ended abruptly. After almost two years in hospital and despite his total paralysis, he tried to start working again but he was then forced to retreat from projecting after some partial achievements. Since 1994 he has been writing four quite successful novels and he is now into this business.